Improve Your Golf Swing Like a Pro


Nothing is more important to golf than having a great swing. There’s one secret to driving the ball further and with more force: strength training. When people hear, strength training they immediately worry about bulking up and becoming muscular, but there are plenty of exercises that can be done daily without bulking up. Strength training can give you better control and movement of your body which will have a positive impact on the movement of the club.

Any golfer knows a golf swing puts plenty of pressure on the muscles and joints of the shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Strength training protects the joints and muscles of the body so you can reduce injury and increase the range of motion essential to a good game of golf. It’s a win-win! Strength training is the key to many positive body changes but where do you begin? Women’s Golf Journal caught up with Annika Sorenstam’s strength coach, Kai Fusser, to give readers the inside scoop on three simple exercises to add into their fitness routines. If you weren’t sure about strength training, it helped Annika Sorenstam win 89 professional tournaments including 10 majors!

There are four core areas to focus on when it comes to strength training for an improved golf game: glutes, hips, thighs, and abdominals. These are some of the safest and most efficient exercises anyone can do just about anywhere. They target the main groups while improving posture so you walk taller and prouder.

Push Ups might recall unpleasant memories of gym class, but the positives outweigh the unfortunate memories. Push-ups use nearly every muscle in the body during a rep so they can train multiple muscles groups at once. They stretch muscles increasing overall flexibility and range of motion. Most importantly push-ups protect the areas of the shoulder and back most prone to injury allowing you to keep you playing your best golf game.

The plank is one of the most dreaded but impactful abdominal exercises around. It pulls abs toward the ceiling completely engaging multiple muscle groups. Better core strength improves balance which, as any golfer knows, is essential to hitting a great shot. Kai suggest a regular plank lasting around 30 seconds. There are tons of variations from many different directions which activate different muscle groups. It’s better to start slow and grow into more advanced positions as you become stronger.

Squats are simple and effective for strengthening the muscles of the legs and butt. They are one of the safest ways to build strong legs while protecting the spine, and when done correctly, the knees. Increasing the number of squats in your fitness routine can promote movement and balance creating a better focus on the parts of the body used to enhance your golf swing. Squats also burn fat while sculpting the core areas. They should be done correctly to prevent injury, so Kai suggests using a chair to achieve the ideal squat done safely.

Strength training has so many positives when it comes to enhancing your golf game, but it can also have major benefits on your lifestyle. As a golfer, you know physical activity is important to overall health, but we often become acclimated to our fitness routine and need to change things up. If you’re ready to change things up, check out Kai Fusser’s fitness suggestions here. Now that you’ve worked your muscles and improved your golf game, why not improve your style game with one of our fun, comfortable golf gloves?

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