Everything You Need to Know About the Ryder Cup

This weekend is the biennial Ryder Cup taking place at Le Golf National in France. This year’s competition is looking to be an exciting one with Tiger Wood’s recent win at the Tour Championship! The Ryder Cup is one of the most exciting events in golf for a few reasons. First, is the sportsmanship with the best of the best chosen to play in this event. Despite the fierce competition, everyone is there for their love of the game. There is no prize money after all! Next is the pride in their country. Only a select number of players are chosen for each side to represent their home. If they win, there is a large sense of pride in their accomplishments. The Ryder Cup is wildly popular, but what do you know about the event? Join us for a little history and some fun facts ahead of this weekend’s big match ups.

History of the Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is a competition that takes place between the United States and Europe every 2 years. When it began in 1927, the competition was originally between the United States and Great Britain. This matchup took place at Worchester Country Club in Massachusetts. In 1973, the team name was changed to Great Britain and Ireland to reflect the inclusion of Ireland although their team members have been playing in the game since 1953. Eventually in 1979, the rest of continental Europe was invited to include their golfers and this inclusion has elevated the Ryder Cup’s popularity significantly. The Ryder Cup is named after Samuel Ryder, a British businessman who donated the original trophy.

The Ryder Cup involves various match play competitions between the 12 selected players from each team. A total of 28 matches are played over 3 days. On Friday and Saturday, there are 4 four ball matches and 4 foursomes play matches each day. Meaning, 4 groups play in the morning and 4 more in the afternoon. Then on Sunday 12 singles matches occur where all team members play. So how does the scoring work? Each match winner scores a point for their team, or a half a point if there is a tie. The winning team is decided by a total number of points.

Why is the Ryder Cup so popular? In simple terms, it is a matchup between America’s 12 best golfers against 12 Europe’s best golfers. Not to mention the crowd is rowdy. There is singing and chanting and if the crowd doesn’t like a particular golfer, they make it well known. This is far different than the typical reserved, quiet, golf-clap type of event. Plus, there is the team aspect. Golf is an individual event, but with the Ryder Cup not only are they playing for a team they are playing for a country. That is sure to bring some emotion!

Fun Facts About the Ryder Cup

  • The master plan for Le Golf National included 45 holes. This included a second 18-hole course, a 9-hole course, and a teaching academy for golfers of all levels. It also features a 131-room resort!
  • The oldest player ever in the Ryder Cup was Raymond Floyd of the USA who was 51 years and 20 days old. The youngest belongs to Sergio Garcia of Europe who was just 19.
  • Le Golf National was originally used for agriculture purposes making it abnormally flat. 56.5 million cubic feet of dirt was delivered to shape the courses.
  • The Albatros course was upgraded between 2014 and 2015 in order to lengthen several holes, redesign greens, reconstruct bunkers, and add a lake!
  • This course is all about the party! 60,000 fans and volunteers are expected to visit the grounds during the competition each day.
  • The average winning score for the Ryder Cup over the past four years has been 10.75 under par.
  • Le Golf National will host the men’s and women’s golf competitions in the 2024 Paris Olympics.
  • The most appearances on a Ryder Cup team belongs to Phil Mickelson of the USA. He has appeared in 12.
  • Since 2012 celebrities have been invited to play a match ahead of the official Ryder Cup contest.

With the Ryder Cup being played in France this year, you may be interested in recording it rather than dealing with time zones. The morning rounds begin at 2 am eastern time! This is the perfect chance to invite your friends over for a viewing party. You’ll all get to enjoy the rowdy event and take pride in your country. The United States leads in victories 26 to 13 after all!

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Labor Day Style Tips

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer and it’s time to say goodbye to rooftop cocktails, picnics, beach days, and the dog days of summer! While summer is slowly inching to a close, you may be heading to one of summer’s most popular activities: a BBQ. Labor Day BBQs are one of the most popular end of summer soirees. It’s a time to hang out with friends, family, and of course, look great. We want your summer BBQ to be hassle free whether you’re the hostess or just a treasured guest, so here are some tips for making the most of your Labor Day BBQ!

Summertime Style

Choose to Layer – Depending on where you live, it may get chilly after sunset. You want to be having a good time and getting cold isn’t fun for anyone. Tossing on a light cardigan or denim jacket will provide you with protection from a cool breeze. Plus, it can be tied around your waist leaving your hands free for eating and yard games.

Flats, Flats, Flats – Avoid the heels. It may be tempting to be the most stylish one there, but BBQs take place in the backyard after all. Minimize hazards and your chances of falling or being uncomfortable by rocking a chic pair of flats. You’ll never have to worry about the dreaded heel stuck in the grass moment while socializing.

Wear Light Colors – This may seem like a no brainer. Light colors keep you cooler in the summer heat. Neutrals like white and beige are chic and classic. Flowy linen pants, white blouses, or white dresses are feminine silhouettes that are breezy, comfortable, and stylish. Don’t forget the SPF!

Go Bold with Accessories – Pair bold accessories with your neutrals. This helps you stand out, make a personal statement, and show off your unique personality. Choose a print wristlet, visor or zip bag from Glove It! It will hold all of your essentials and be a pop of color not to mention a conversation starter! Plus, visors offer stylish, UV protection from the sun. It’s a win win.

Now that you are the most stylish person at the Labor Day BBQ, let’s make sure you didn’t forget anything. Check out our handy BBQ checklist! Everything you will need to have a hassle-free celebration to end your summer… And be on the lookout for Labor Day savings from Glove It!

Labor Day Checklist

How to Stay Safe in the Sun

We all know sunshine is one of the greatest parts of spending time outdoors. But it’s important to be aware of the affects sunshine has on all of us. Of course, it puts us in a good mood and brightens our day, but it can be dangerous. July is UV Safety Awareness Month and we have some tips to help you stay sun smart and protect yourself this summer!

You have likely heard about UVA and UVB rays in commercials for sunscreen or news reports on the dangers of the sun. They are the invisible high energy rays that come from the sun. UVA rays affect the deep layer of our skin. They contribute to aging, wrinkles, and skin cancer. These rays can pass through clouds, glass, water, and even clothing. UVB rays affect the surface of the skin and cause us to get sunburns. They are the strongest during the summer so it’s essential to protect ourselves because no one is immune. Now that you know a little more about the sun’s rays, what can you do to protect yourself while outside?



Always Wear Sunglasses – UVA rays can do serious damage to your eyes. Sun damage leads to the development of cataracts and can cause blindness. Always make sure your sunglasses have UVA and UVB protection. It goes without saying, never look directly into the sun!

Lather on Sunscreen – This one seems like a no brainer. Always slather on layers of sunscreen before sun exposure. It’s important to use the recommended amount, a shot glass worth, to achieve the SPF coverage on the bottle. Using less will lead to less coverage and thus less protection. Don’t increase your chances of skin cancer or sunburns by being stingy with the sunscreen!

Drink More Water – Everyone knows their recommended daily intake of water to remain hydrated. During the summer, it’s important to drink even more. It will keep you from getting dehydrated and lessen your chances of getting a heat related illness. Heat related illnesses can get serious fast so it’s important to remain alert with your water consumption while outside.

Avoid Direct Sunlight – The sun’s rays are the strongest between 10am and 2pm. If you can’t avoid going outside during this time, try to avoid being directly in the sun for long periods. Your chance of sunburn can happen within 15 minutes during this time. Don’t think just because there are a couple clouds you’re in the clear. The sun’s rays can penetrate the clouds and still affect your skin.

Wear Protective Clothing – Whether you’re at the beach, on the golf course, or just heading to work, be sure you’re clothing is protective. Always choose breathable fabrics in light colors to avoid overheating. Even though you have clothing to protect you, don’t skip the sunscreen. Like we mentioned previously, the sun’s rays can penetrate clouds and clothes. Take the extra few minutes to ensure your skin is extra safe during the summer months. Always grab a wide-brimmed visor or hat to protect not only your eyes but it will keep you cool

Seek Shade – Of course summer is all about getting outside and enjoying the warm weather. Shade will always be your friend. No matter where you are there will be a shady area for you for enjoy. On the beach? Grab an umbrella to relax under. At the park? Find a nice shady tree to sit under. Eating al fresco? Choose a patio table with an umbrella. It will keep you having fun but protected from even the smallest of sun dangers.

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4 Fun Things Your 4th of July Celebration Needs

Summer is in full swing, and one of the biggest events of the season is Independence Day. On the 4th of July we gather together to celebrate America’s birthday with all of our family and friends. Whether you’re attending a celebration or throwing one, there are tons of fun ways to celebrate the holiday. We thought we would give you a little hand when it comes to your festivities. We have chosen 4 fun things to eat, drink, create, and make for your 4th of July celebration!


4th of july party ideas

A patriotic dessert is always going to be a crowd pleaser. Give the usual American flag cake a break and try these fun patriotic cupcakes instead. Adding cupcakes to plastic wine glasses is a different, surprising take on presentation. It can dress up homemade cupcakes or add a little something extra to store bought treats. Plus the red, white, and blue candies give your guests a sweet treat to enjoy later or on their way home. Looking for a cold, refreshing treat instead? Try these Creamy Lemonade Bomb Pops or Red, White, and Blueberry Pops!


4th of july party ideas

There are many ways to decorate your space featuring America’s iconic color scheme. Making a special craft that can be used year after year is a great way to show off your patriotism. This Patriotic Wreath is a simple DIY decoration made with clothespins. With a few simple craft supplies and a little bit of time, you’ll have an adorable wreath to display all summer long. This DIY uses a wire wreath frame so you have full control over how big or small your wreath ends up being. No matter what size you decide, your guests and neighbors will love it!


4th of july party ideas

Hosting a party is made easy with a signature drink. We love this recipe for Red, White and Blue Wine Sparklers. It’s a lighter drink with the appearance of sangria. The cute fruit cut into star shapes adds extra patriotic flare. Whether presented in a pitcher or glasses, the appearance itself is sure to impress. If wine isn’t your flavor, try adding patriotic popsicles to champagne. Not to be forgotten, we have a drink suggestion for children and non-drinkers alike. This kid-friendly patriotic punch is sure to win hearts.


4th of july party ideas

Cornhole is sweeping the nation. It’s the country’s most popular backyard game. This means no BBQ or party is complete without it. This DIY for a Stars and Stripes Cornhole game adds a patriotic flair to this crowd pleaser. Building a cornhole board is a little bit more labor-intensive than your usual DIY, but the hours of fun that will be had make it worth it. It will last for years and get plenty of use over the summer months. Host a tournament of your own and create teams with your party guests. Everyone will get to mingle, get to know each other, and have some fun.

Now you’re all set to host an entertaining 4th of July celebration! There’s still plenty of time to get your party started off on the right foot. Summer entertaining can sometimes feel overwhelming, but we have you covered. Visit our Pinterest for more ideas to make your summer events the very best!

How to Host a Stress Free BBQ

Backyard barbecues are a summer tradition! With Memorial Day just days away you might have been considering hosting the first of many for the next few months. After all, barbecues are a great way to entertain. They aren’t too fussy and give everyone a chance to relax. Not to mention enjoy some time outside before it gets too hot! Since backyard BBQs are a way of life during the summer, we thought we would share some helpful tips that will allow you to host a wonderful get together without the stress. These tips will give you more time to relax and enjoy with your friends and family instead of spending all your time sweating the small stuff!

Shop Days in Advance

Of course, this goes without saying… days before your BBQ plan your menu. Shopping in advance will allow you to realize what items you’ve forgotten or have gone missing rather than making last minute trips to the grocery store. Additionally, shopping in advance will give you time to prep certain dishes especially those that can be finished right before your party.

Put Away Breakables

Whether you end up setting up serving stations outside or having guests fill their plates inside, it’s wise to put away the breakables. After all, the point is to spend time enjoying the outdoors! Instead of breakable glass change out your usual tableware for brightly colored (or red, white, and blue!) outdoor tableware. It makes a fun yet stylish statement and really makes your party festive.

Gather EVERYTHING You’ll Need

The day or night before gather everything you think you will need to host the perfect backyard BBQ. Grabbing everything from serving utensils to bowls, cups and plates and putting them in one place will ensure nothing goes forgotten on the big day. This will also help you set up your space in the best way possible. Plan activities like yard games like bocce or even water balloons. Kids and adults can both enjoy some fun in the sun together. Be sure to separate the game area from the seating area. That way guests who want to sit and chat won’t be bombarded by loud noises from games.

Set Up a Kids Area

If kids are going to be in attendance, set up a designated kids area. It can be as simple as a nice blanketed area with pillows and games. It will give them a place to eat freeing up chairs for the adults. It will keep kids safely away from the BBQ and they will feel like they have a space all their own. Go the extra mile and set a smaller drink station where they can serve themselves water and juice.

Choose a Drink That Works for Everyone

Create a signature drink or two for your BBQ. Something that can be spiked if necessary, but nothing with more than two ingredients max. It will make it simple and easy for guests to get their own drinks rather than playing bartender. Ditch the water ice cubes and save drinks from being watered down by freezing your drink offerings. Once they melt they will keep drinks tasty – – even wine! But don’t forget the water! It is summer after all.

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5 Ways to Treat Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Every year since 1914, the second Sunday in May has been designated as Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is a celebration of moms and they deserve our immense love and appreciation. Whether you purchase a gift or treat your mom to an experience, she will feel extra special! Choosing how to treat your mom on Mother’s Day should be easy… Consider what makes your mom the happiest and celebrate the day with your mom in mind.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, we have you covered! We have thought of 5 activities that will treat your mom on Mother’s Day. Do them together or treat her to an activity she will enjoy. Either way, it will be a thoughtful and special way to show your mom you care.

5 Ways to Treat Your Mom on Mother’s Day

  • Book A Spa Day – Moms spend so much time taking care of everyone else and they deserve a little pampering of their own. Book an appointment at your local day spa for a massage, pedicure, or to get her hair done. She will feel rejuvenated and like a million bucks by the end of the day!
  • Go Shopping & Have Lunch – If your mom is the shop till’ you drop type, take her for a day of retail fun. Don’t forget to stop and grab a bite to eat at her favorite restaurant. She will be absolutely delighted and look forward to spending the day with you.
  • Clean the House – Mom has spent plenty of time through the years cleaning up after your messes. Grab a mop and a vacuum and get to cleaning! She will appreciate the thought, effort, and time you spent. Not to mention having a clean house!
  • Plan an Adventure – Make memories with your mom while doing something exciting, fun, and different. Take a road trip to a place you’ve both never been but wanted to visit. If your mom likes wine, visit a winery. Does she love baking? Go strawberry picking at a local farm and make a dessert together. You both will get to enjoy the experience and the time you’ve spent together.
  • Get Active! Go for a scenic hike, play some tennis, or play a round of golf. You’ll bond over mom’s favorite activity while enjoying the nice weather. Physical activity is good for the mind, body and soul. Plus, it’s the perfect chance to treat your mom to some new Glove It gear!

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Everything You Wanted to Know About The Masters!

The Masters is an iconic golf tournament and there is plenty of excitement! After all, everyone knows their biggest tradition: The Green Jacket. The best golfers come together every year at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia to take part in this tournament. We have put together a little history and some fun and interesting facts in honor of this event.

History of the Masters

The Masters began in 1934 when started by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts. It features a smaller field of players because it is an invitational event held by the golf club itself. In addition to the recognizable green jacket, the tournament has many more traditions. A Champion’s Dinner began in 1952 followed by an honorary tee shot in 1963. Also, don’t forget about the incredibly popular par-3 contest which began in 1960.

CBS has televised the Masters since 1956. They originally used 6 cameras and only covered the final 4 holes! In fact, the first 8 holes weren’t even added to coverage until 1993. Plus only 4 minutes of commercials are allowed to air per hour. Attending the tournament may sound exciting but tickets are hard to come by…even for practice rounds. They are only available to members or given out through a lottery.

The Iconic Green Jacket

That iconic green jacket was first awarded to in 1949 to Sam Snead, but it originally served a completely different purpose. In 1939, the jacket was first worn by members in case visitors needed help or had questions. Once winning the jacket, it must be returned to the clubhouse one year after the victory. After all, it remains property of the winner, but must be held at the club for future use along with other previous winner’s jackets. What happens if there are multiple wins? The same jacket is used year after year unless it needs to be refitted!

Fun Facts About the Masters

  • Sport’s Illustrated writer, Herbert Warren Wind named Amen Corner in 1958 borrowing the name from an old jazz recording.
  • The tournament wasn’t played in 1943-1945 due to WWII. Instead, turkey and cattle were raised on the grounds.
  • Dwight Eisenhower is the only US president to have been a club member. The pond near hole 9 is named after him.
  • The original plans for Augusta included two 18-hole courses, outdoor tennis courts, squash courts, an 18-hole pitch and putt course, a couple dozen houses for members, and an on-site hotel.
  • They originally planned to have a 19th hole so the losing golfer could have a chance to win back his money playing double or nothing. The idea was eventually abandoned.
  • It was the first tournament to use bleachers, the over/under system widely used today, and an on-course scoreboard.
  • The bunkers are actually filled with mining waste which creates a really bright quartz.
  • Cell phones are banned (unless you’re a pro!) and they are one of the few places in the world you’ll still find payphones.
  • Rae’s Creek is named after the former property owner John Rae who passed away in 1789.
  • Rumor has it a green jacket was found at a thrift store in 1994 and was sold at an auction for $139,000 just last year.

One of the most interesting things about the Masters is how affordable the food prices are. You can get an egg salad or pimento sandwich for just $1.50. If you spend a little more you can get a classic turkey and cheese for $2.50. Don’t worry, we have you covered… you can take part in this Masters tradition by making these sandwiches at home. Get great recipes here.

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How to Host a Unique St. Patrick’s Day Party!

Simply hearing St. Patrick’s Day can conjure up images of debauchery. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of mature but fun ways to celebrate like the Irish this St. Patrick’s Day. We have three really great ideas for hosting your own sophisticated and entirely unique St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Put the green beer aside because these party ideas are definitely going to impress your guests.

Irish Beer & Cheese Tasting

Everyone knows cheese pairs great with wine, but it also pairs great with a variety of Irish beers. Cheese plates are incredibly trendy right now so make one with an Irish twist. Ask your local cheese monger to help select a variety of Irish cheeses. Everything from aged cheddar to beer or whiskey infused options. Serve them with soda bread or crackers and dried fruit (like cherries or apricots). Then head to a premium beer shop to pick up some Irish options to pair with your cheese. Beers like Smithwicks, Guinness, and Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale. Legend has it St. Patrick had a personal brewer so Irish beer is a must have for St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish Whiskey Tasking

If beer really isn’t your thing, try a selection of Irish whiskies. Whiskey has a long, rich history. The Irish are known for whiskey. So, this gives you and your guests a chance to try some types you’ve probably never heard of. There are plenty of affordable yet tasty brands to treat your guests to including Bushmills, Green Spot, and Teeling Small Batch. Keep it simple and pick up 4 or 5 bottles of reasonably priced options to test out with your friends. We suggest no more than 5 to keep guests from getting overwhelmed. You can even serve a whiskey cocktail to your guests. Serve soda bread, cured meats, cheeses, and other delightful snacks to soak up the whiskey. After all the point is to have fun but responsible fun.

Irish Dinner Party

St. Patrick’s Day was observed as a religious holiday for over 1,000 years and falls during the time of Lent. Eventually, the restrictions on consumption of meat on this day were removed allowing for a feast of traditional Irish bacon and cabbage. Even if you’re not into cabbage there are plenty of other traditional and not so traditional options for hosting an Irish dinner party. Sure, Ireland isn’t very well known for their food offerings, but who wouldn’t go for a lovely Irish stew, Shepard’s Pie, and soda bread? Or stick with classic corned beef and cabbage. How about an Irish cream cheesecake? A comfort food feast in mid-March is always a good idea. Here are tons of interesting recipes for you to try from Delish.

If all else fails, combine a few of these ideas and host a cocktail party. It will be intimate, mature, and classy. No matter what you host, your guests will be grateful they won’t have to brave the crowds to have a little fun. Glove It is passing on a little luck of the Irish to you this St. Patrick’s Day by offering 20% off* using code GREEN until March 17th! Visit http://www.gloveit.com to start shopping!

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Are You Loving the Olympics?

Every four years the Winter Olympics comes around and unites the world through sports. We may be half way through the 2018 games in PyeongChang, South Korea, but there is plenty more to see right through to the closing ceremonies. The Olympics brings out many positive aspects of the American Spirit. It’s hard to define the American Spirit, but the Olympics brings out a sense of patriotism and pride in one’s country. America is a place where stories are written and dreams can be achieved. The Olympics brings the lifelong work of athletes to the forefront of people’s minds while uniting our sense of sportsmanship and friendly competition. Even when you’re out and about, you’ll still find people completely unable to look away from the screen, cheering, and providing their own commentary. Who doesn’t love those iconic photos of athletes proudly holding up their countries flag or showing their pride as their anthem plays while on the medal stand?

Three of the most popular Winter Olympic events are figure skating, snow skiing, and snowboarding. Figure skating has been a Winter Olympic staple since 1924. There are many figure skating events including men’s and women’s singles, pair skating, and, since 1976, ice dancing. The United States has 49 Olympic medals in figure skating including 15 gold. So far in these games, the US has a bronze team skating medal, but has made history in its own right. Mirari Nagasu is the first American woman to land a triple axel in the Olympics. Not only does she make history, but she made it possible for the US to move into medal territory with her performance. How cool is that?

Another popular Winter Olympics even it ski jumping. Ski jumping has been an Olympic sport since 1924. Ski jumping began as a sport in Norway before spreading to Europe and North America. It was a male dominated sport until a women’s event was added in 2014. Jumpers have a unique scoring system based on a variety of factors including distance and even wind conditions. American’s may not medal in ski jumping frequently, but audiences love watching skiers give it their all. The men’s medal events take place through the next few days.

Snowboarding isn’t just a trendy sport taking over ski resorts across the country. It’s a true Olympic event people are obsessed with. Snowboarding was one of 5 new Olympic events introduced between 1992 and 2002, debuting at the 1998 games in Nagano, Japan. There are six events for both men and women to showcase their skills with the world. Believe it or not, the United States leads the world in total snowboarding medals with 24 followed by Switzerland who has 12. This year ten snowboarding events are taking place during the span of the Olympic games. So far, the United States has 5 snowboarding medals including 4 gold and one bronze. Of course, one gold belongs to America’s new snowboarding sweetheart, Chloe Kim.

The 2018 Winter Olympic games continue through February 25th so there’s plenty more action to see. Norway currently leads the medal count with 29 total, but the United States has earned 12 medals so far. There is something to be said about the United States determination, hard work, and spirit so it will be fun to see where we end up as the games come to a close in a few days.

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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift



Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, but it’s never too late to find the perfect gift. It’s time to show the women in your life how much you love them while making them feel extra special. Before you mumble under your breath about Valentine’s Day being some greeting card holiday, hear me out. Valentine’s Day is no longer strictly about significant others and romantic relationships. It’s about celebrating love of all kinds and the strong relationships we form throughout our lives. No matter what the relationship is or who it’s with, it’s important to embrace the opportunity to the people in your life how much they mean to you! Sure, it’s easy to go with staples like wine and chocolate, but why not choose something cute and useful instead? We’ve chosen the perfect Glove It pieces that are sure to win anyone over this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Add a little function and flare to your day with a 3 Zip or new 2 Zip bag. Goes from the golf course to a chic, cross body bag in seconds.
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